Advancing Decision Management

Choiceflows is applying pioneering expertise to reverse the commoditization of human choice for both capture of sentiment and taking action.

In an era where we’re awash with data we still have a lot of blind spots. The data is abundant where we have existing products in existing markets. Choiceflows purposefully navigates the “no data” zones where the offering (product, service or experience) is new and unfamiliar, or the market for the existing offering is new and less familiar. When both the offering and the market is new, Choiceflows helps you explore the uncharted waters of new category creation where both the risk and potential reward is disproportionately large.


In a recurring four-stage cycle we help clients and organizations ask better questions. We help them prioritize and keep track of significant results and track trends (1).

We allow organizations to test new products and concepts that don’t even exist yet – and before full-scale investment takes place (2).

We pioneer methods and practices that fully capture and describe what choices people will make, and in a commercial context what they are willing to pay, and in a society context what they are willing to do (3).

We deliver results in a form where decisions can be made today, and results are continuously updated to future-proof the decisions of tomorrow (4) in a virtuous cycle of continuous understanding.

Choiceflows stands against methods and practices that are easy, inexpensive and misleading.

Choiceflows is a decision intelligence services company today and strives to be a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform-enabled services company next.

Choiceflows Understanding the choices people and organizations make, and framing decisions for a mutually beneficial flow of resources from these insights.

Choiceflows is your source for early-stage business and development guidance systems.